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Chapter 2: In The Shadows

Picture by: manu mangalassery, Pexels Francie’s dream of playing for Manchester United sprouted the day his dad gave him his first football shirt. Now he eats, drinks, sleeps football, almost to the point that it is unhealthy, almost to the point that his dad wished he never introduced him to it. On the other hand, it is a passion they share, a bon ...

The Team behind The Team

The concept of this series of short stories is to illustrate how to integrate the best clinical practice, research and evidence based guidelines into every day scenarios faced by Sport & Exercise Medicine practitioners in a way not seen before. The idea is to keep the stories faced paced and entertaining, evidence informed and clinically useful ...

Chapter 1 - The Adventures of the Great Francie McGroin

Chapter 1: Francie & Pepper In his mind, he feared the worst, his season, his career, his professional contract hopes had all been destroyed before it has even started. He was destined for the knife, but desperately longed for a fairytale ending…... Francie, has just turned 17 years old, although you wouldn’t be blamed for mistaking him to be ...

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