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The Running Economist: How to Prevent Running Injuries - A Must Read

Injury Prevention: The Dream The concept of “PREVENTING RUNNING INJURIES” is still very much theoretical. Great strides are being made on the subject of running injuries, however “Injury prevention” at present is an aspiration rather than a reality. Rather than taking the dogmatic stance of “injury prevention”, I believe that a more plausible way ...

Running: Don’t Give Up on a Lifetime of Adventures

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash So it’s coming up to Christmas already which is an exciting time of the year: parties, maybe a winter break in the sun or snow and the intention to get back into running for the New Year possibly. This piece of writing is dedicated to those runners who are struggling with an ongoing niggle or ache or an injury which ...

Common Running Injuries

So following on from our last blog on running, below is a brief description of the common running injuries that we see at 108 SEM Clinic and some useful ideas to help you manage your pain levels. No harm in giving them a try and see how you get on. Exertional lower leg pain This is a form of exercise induced leg pain and is more commonly seen in e ...

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